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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Women's skin ages faster than men's

Viagra may aggravate severe apnea

Cure with progesterone: Female hormone may treat brain injuries

Low birth weight babies could face cognitive problems: Study

Many men in relationships also pay for sex: Study

Hours before a heart attack can be telling

Do vaccines harm or arm our babies?

Do vaccines harm or arm our babies?

Restless Legs Syndrome May Cause Heart Problems: Study

Holiday Brunch: This Tropical Drink is Full of Fresh Fruit

Holiday Brunch: Low-Fat Milk Lightens This Rich and Creamy Cocoa

Holiday Brunch: Low-Cal Citrus Treat

Holiday Brunch: Sarabeth Levine's Low-Cal Pancakes

Recipe of the Day: Tartine with Blackberry Thyme Salad

When Only One Partner Slims Down, Romance Can Sour

Hate Daylight Savings Time? Don’t Let Dark Days Get You Down

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